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Troop 444 Scouts hike the Grand Canyon, climb Mt. Rainier to the summit and visit Philmont in 2013! 

LEADERSHIP: Our older boys and our Scoutmasters train emerging leaders using the Boy Scout approved curriculum for use within the Troop. Boys lead this Troop—they plan and run their own meetings and decide on troop activities. Experienced adult Scouters motivate, mentor and oversee the boys, ensuring they safely develop skills and gain knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

We also encourage boys to experience higher levels of Boy Scout training.

REGULAR MEETINGS: Troop 444 meets most Mondays during the school year from 7:30-8:30 PM at our chartering organization, Arapaho United Methodist Church, 1400 W. Arapaho Rd. Richardson.

Interested in a “Troop 444 Test Drive”?
Want more information?
Visit one of our regular Monday Troop meetings.

Or please feel free to email or call the Scoutmaster or Camping Program Coordinator:
(214) 502-1687

Committee Chair—J.D. Bondy - , (214) 403-6717Troop 444 Celebrates

* Left Picture: In Febuary 2012, Troop 444 hiked to the back country of Dinosaur Valley State Park crossing the roaring Paluxy River.

Troop fundraisers: The boys sell Boy Scout popcorn and Christmas greenery. Some years we have an adult leader willing to support boys selling Scout Show tickets. What each boy earns goes to his individual Scout account, so boys can pay all or part of their own way. We cannot rule out additional fund-raising for the Troop’s benefit, but currently we do not have a reason to do any.

Cost: Annual dues are $110, except that first year Scouts pay $55. Boys need their own uniform and personal camping gear. (No tent or cooking gear—the Troop provides.) Monthly campouts require $10-$15 for food. Summer camp is $300.00

We have a few “experienced” uniform pieces for sale cheap.


Our mission is to help boys learn, develop and grow in a safe, caring environment and to help families bring up moral, civic-minded leaders.

We will place the well-being of the boys ahead of any other considerations and we will respect the needs of our constituent families at all times.

[Our Troop Committee operates under Bylaws.]

Troop 444, BSA
Sponsored by
Arapaho United Methodist Church
Coit & Arapaho Roads
Richardson, Texas 75080

Monthly campouts (compatible with busy family schedules): We camp monthly Sept-Nov. and Jan.-May. Campouts generally depart Saturday morning around 8 AM and return Sunday afternoon around 1 PM. Fishing, swimming, climbing, hiking, bicycling, geocaching and Capture the Flag are typical themes.

Have you ever been “Blobbed”? At Summer Camp, a Scout may be!
In early June, Troop 444 spends a week at Summer Camp, at Circle 10 camps (Constantin or Cherokee). Fun away from Mom and Dad is in order, with a healthy curriculum of rank advancement and Merit Badge classes. We annually alternate a summer camp in Texas with an out of state summer camp. In 2012 we visited Camp Wehinahpay in New Mexico, in 2014 we hope to spend summer camp at Camp Bartle in Missouri.

* Right Picture: In the summer of 2011, a group of boy scouts did a trek at Philmont in New Mexico. Philmont 2011

There is plenty of unscheduled time for boys to kick back in camp or hang out with buddies, as well.

High Adventure: The Troop has a very active High Adventure trip every summer (sometimes two). As often as we win the Philmont lottery, we have a Philmont trek. In 2012, the troop did a Sea Base trip in Florida. In 2013 a crew will visit Philmont, and there are plans for a Northern Tier trip next year.

In addition to the BSA High Adventure programs, the troop also organizes other exciting trips. During Spring Break 2012 and 2013 a Troop 444 group hiked in the Grand Canyon. Next year for Spring Break we'll go snow shoeing in Colorado to some of the 10th Mountain Division huts. If we can, we'll also organize a Grand Canyon trip.

Summer easy living, winter extras: In summer the Troop arranges casual fun activities that boys enjoy once or twice a month such as a Roughriders baseball game in Frisco, Whirly Ball or Laser Tag.

We have a day outing in December, going orienteering with the North Texas Orienteering Association or climbing at an indoor climbing venue, for example. We also go to Winter Camp (five days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve) when there is enough interest.

Service projects: We regularly participate in Scouting for Food. In the past, a group of scouts planted the gardens for a nursing home in Dallas. Through our Eagle projects, we often provide service to our surrounding communities. We also provide manpower for AUMC events on an ad hoc basis.








Scoutmaster Minute  

The Scout Oath begins with, “On my honor, I will do my best…”  What does it mean to “do my best?”  We are not born with the answer.  The ability to do our “best” is something we have to learn.  It’s a definition that must change and grow over time, just as we change and grow.

We are allowed chances to practice doing our best every day.  We see these chances at home, at school, at work, in our friendships, in our extracurricular activities, in our houses of worship and on and on.  When we are young, we are tempted to think that showing up and making any effort at all will meet the standard.  It won’t.  We get chances to improve our skills in all areas of life.  As we grow up, and as we improve our abilities, our definition of doing our “best” should change with us and evolve.   

Develop the habit of doing your best.  Learn to ask yourself it you’ve done it.  Evaluate your own performance constantly.  Over time, you’ll begin to see ways to improve.  You’ll become a better person—you’ll grow toward making a better man.  You’ll be more useful to the world around you, your friends, your family and yourself.

What we want for all members of Troop 444, is to become men who truly apply themselves to their work, their families, their friendships, their faith and their role as citizens of the United States.  We want all of our boys to have a high standard when considering whether they’ve done their “best.”



  A Scout is:

  • Trustworthy
  • Loyal
  • Helpful
  • Friendly
  • Courteous
  • Kind
  • Obedient
  • Cheerful
  • Thrifty
  • Brave
  • Clean
  • Reverent